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3300 4300/4310

These Boxes represent the future in “Green Computing”.  They share many features like USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet Port, High Resolution VGA, CF II Slot,  Internal IDE, Fanless extended, and Temperature range  They both feature “Zero Footprint” with the ability to mount directly to the VESA mounting holes on the back of the flat panel making them excellent Thin Clients. They also share options like 2.5” Hard Drive Support, Mini PCI, Serial, and Internal Wireless.  They can also boot from almost any source internal or external, CF, USB, LAN, IDE, and PXE Boot ROM

Starting at only $100, the 2300SX is one of the lowest power full featured PC’s available on the market today.  The 2300SX uses only 4 watts with another 11 watts available for peripherals.  It runs DOS, Linux or CE 6.0 R2  with a powerful 366 MHz X86 processor.  While the 2300SX, 3300, and the 4300 share many features, the 2300SX has an optional 24 bits of general purpose I/O.

The 3300 adds Audio In/Out and runs at 1 GHz with 256 MB of DDR2.  In addition to DOS, Linux, and CE 6.0 R2, this box even runs XP Pro.  Using less than 10 watts and starting at $163, it’s small powerful and an incredible value.

The 4300 is one of the smallest Windows XP/XP Pro computers on the market, and still supports DOS, Linux and CE 6.0R2.  Starting at under $250 it is a real powerhouse.  The 500 MHz 4300 has an option to increase its memory from 512 MB to 1 GB of memory with the 4310.  In addition they include a MPEG 4 accelerators, and Audio.  Using less than 15 watts. 

These are the real “Green Computers”

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