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eBox-4 Series 600

eBox-4 series is a revolutionary powerful device, that is especially designed for limited physical space and temperature concerns. Its small size and fanless enclosure allows for serious computing practically anywhere.  With the ability to run most PC operating system, at less than 20 watts, these are the green computers of the future NOW!

In addition to running desktop applications, they make excellent Thin Clients, or Network  appliances.  They can operate with no moving part, extended operating temperatures, metal case, and low power requirements, making them ideal for the most demanding applications.  The lack of Fans is especially nice where noise is a concern.

The boxes have a variety of special features depending on the model.  Optional features include TV Output, Serial Ports, Printer ports, Mini PCI, Dual LAN and Compact Flash.  Standard features include USB 2.0, IDE, KB, Mouse, Audio, LAN, 1.2 GHz VIA Processor, and 512MB or 1GB DDR2 Memory.  Many units support 2.5” Hard Drives, and all are Fanless.  The cases are metal, and are roughly 5”x7”x2” except for the 4800 which is 5”x7”x1.5”. 


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