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Flat Panel Mount

Mounts Directly to the back of a Flat Panel Display or any Standard VESA Mount

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 The eBox 3300/3310 is a revolutionary device, that is especially designed for limited physical space, harsh environment, and ultra low power. No matter if you are in a crowded office, a tight space, or just looking for a green solution, the eBox-3300 can provide an ultra low power, zero footprint solution by integrating with a LCD for a true “Green Computing” Solution. With Ethernet, USB, or optional Serial or Wireless, they offer the ultimate in connectability. The Audio provides a communications interface for VoIP and other applications.

It can attach to any 100mm VESA mounting fixture, allowing it to be securely mounted onto, monitors, desks, walls, or swing arms to optimize your work area. It can also attach directly to any size LCD for a mobile system, for use at trade shows, presentations, promotions, etc. Unlike traditional portable laptop design, the VESA PC can even be used with a large size LCD. With FANLESS design, eBox-3300 is ideal to be used in the environment where temperature demand is critical, or noise is a concern.

These small but powerful boxes can run DOS, Linux, WIN CE 6.0 R2, and even XP Pro, making them perfect for a variety of applications. They can be used for desktop, mobile, or embedded applications. The eBox-3300 is ideal for micro servers, thin clients, web appliances, security devices, home automation, Industrial computing, and hundreds of other applications.


eBox-3300/3310 Specification


MSTI PDX-600 -1GHz (Fanless)


256/512MB DDR2 onboard


XGI Z9S with 32MB DDR2
External 15-pin D-type female VGA connector

Ethernet Interface

Integrated 10/100 Mbps LAN


Enhanced IDE interface, 44pin box header x 1
Type I/II Compact Flash Slot x 1
MicroSD socket (bootable) x 1
Mini PCI Socket x 1 (optional)
RS-232 Port x 2 (optional)
RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
External 6-pin Mini DIN for PS2 Keyboard and Mouse


CM119, Line out and MIC in


3 connectors (USB 2.0) (2 on Front)

Power Requirement

Single Voltage +5V @2A


115 x 115 x 35 mm



Operating Temperature

5 ~ +50C operating temperature



Ordering Information

eBox-3300-H : 256MB version with support for 2.5" HDD                                   eBox-3310-H : 512MB version with support for 2.5" HDD
eBox-3300-M : 256MB version with Mini PCI socket                                            eBox-3310-M : 512MB version with Mini PCI socket
eBox-3300-JSK : 256MB version with Mini PCI socket, 2 X RS-232                    eBox-3310-JSK : 512MB version with Mini PCI socket, 2 X RS-232
eBox-3300-L2: 256MB Version with two LAN and 2 xRS-232 but no P/S2            eBox-3310-L2: 512MB Version with two LAN and 2 xRS-232 but no P/S2
eBox-3300-LS  256MB Thin client edition with RDP, ICA, VNC and XDMCP protocol   eBox-3310-LS :512MB Thin client edition with RDP, ICA, VNC and XDMCP protocol

Specification may change without notice



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